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Main Temple


"UPAMAKA" is a TINY but a blessed and holy Village - geographically located 1 KM away from Nakkpalli Village on Chennai-Kolkatta NH5 Road on the stretch between Tuni and Visakhapatnam


Blessed because it is the place of Lord of Lords "SRI VENKATESWARA". Holy because it is a magnificent ancient temple. It is "SWAYAMBHOO". It is a place of "APADA MOKKULU". This is called as Upamaka meaning that there is no other place equal to this. The prominence of this holy place is spread over the entire region. Any fervent prayer begets immediate boons. It is a strong belief, nay-practical experience of one and all. The Lord is known as giver of "PROGENY". The Temple is famous for its "SCULPTURE" and "ARCHITECTURAL BEAUTY"


At the end of Dwapara Yuga, Munis ardently prayed for emancipation. Garuda also entreated Lord Srikrishna for resting on his "SIRASSU" forever. In order to upkeep the word, the lord descended on "GARUDA PARVATHA" in upamaka villageThe existence of god was made known to public through shepherds who were doing Pooja and Naivedyam every day.

Sri Krishana Bhupaludu the king of Kandregula Sansthanam of East Godavari Dist. constructed the Temple during 6th Century A.D. It was mentioned in Kshetra Mahatmayam. The History of the Temple is vividly referred in - BRAHMAVAIVARTHA PURANAM which is otherwise known as "GARUDACHALA MAHATMAYAM" and in a treatise of poet BROWN. At present this tract is available "KANNIMARA" Library at Chennai. Sri Ramanuja mentioned this Kshethram as one of the 108 sacred Vaishnava Abhimana Kshethrams. Simhachalam is named after this as "Tharsyadri Simhachale". Sri Ramanuja lived during the period from 1017 A.D. to 1137 A.D by which this Kshethram is known to be ancient one.


The top of the "GARUDADRI HILL" is the abode of LORD VENKATESWARA. The Hill looks the shape of "GARUDA" to the viewers yonder. Seated on Horse along with "LAKSHMI", The Horse facing the north, the Lord gives "DARSHAN" to Bakthakoti (Devotees). Underneath of Hill, there is a temple of "SRI VENUGOPALA SWAMY". Mythological background of the temple reveals that it is sage NARADA who made "PRATHISTA" of the temple. SRI VENUGOPALA SWAMY is known as the pervader of this holy place.


UPMAKA KSHETRAM is prominently known as "PLACE OF PAVALIMPU" (Rest) to Swamy. In other words it is place of rest, to LORD. How fortunate it is to UPAMAKA KSHETRAM, which is endowed with this divine providence. It is the experience of every devotee that lord venkateswara - upamaka guards with invisible arms and fulfills their needs. If one once gets darshan of lord venkateswara, one would develop attachment with upamaka unwittingly. Such is the charisma and magic of the lord.

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